Feedback from Parents!

“Thank you so much for such a fab 3rd birthday party.
The kids had a brilliant time, great food choices, brilliant Peppa Pig entertainment and wonderful, friendly staff”
Sarah, Errol’s Mum.

“Thank you so much for a great time. She loved it. No tears. Just fun!”
Paul, Della’s Mum

“Our third party at That Place on the Corner, we love it here!”
Emma, Lexi’s Mum.

“Such a wonderful party, top marks for a hassle-free 4th birthday!”
Cliff, Daisy’s Dad

“Brilliantly organised party, terrific party food and drink – and wonderful entertaining!”
Jack, Pheobe’s Dad

“What a fantastic party! Brilliantly fun entertainment, yummy food and great organisation. Lots of very happy children and delighted (relaxed) parents!”
Anna and James, Olivia’s parents

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